Exitcom WEEE Recycling

Environment Policy

As one of the leading companies in the recycling industry, WE UNDERTAKE:
to improve and maintain our environment management system which we have established in light of moral values with a view to protecting the environment in connection with our all services and operations covering the RECYCLING OF ELECTRIC AND ELECTRONIC WASTE and related issues in accordance with national and international norms and in collaboration with public agencies, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders;

and in line with the fundamental principles of ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System: to identify prevention of waste during the use of raw materials and energy, reduction of wastes generated by all operations in order to protect the environment and to prevent pollution and to recycle them as a contribution to the national economy as the main principles of our company;

to periodically review and assess our environmental goals and objectives that we have set, to ensure that our Environmental Management System is constantly improved while ascribing importance to training and activities aimed at protecting the environment and human health and to raise environmental awareness among our employees and to lay emphasis on the principle of protecting and safeguarding the environment.