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The accelerating pace of technological advances leads to a rapid increase in the quantity of waste electric and electronic equipment. According to data compiled by the EU, it is estimated that waste electric and electronic equipment correspond to 4% of all waste or 6.5 million tons annually. In that context, Directive on Waste of Electronic and Electrical Equipment - WEE and Directive on Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances-RoHS were issued with a view to preventing negative effects of waste on the environment and human health.

Those directives make it compulsory to collect and recycle waste electric and electronic equipment separately. In addition, manufacturers are expected to design their products by giving due consideration to the possibility of recovering, recycling, and disassembling them based on the principle that manufacturers will also be responsible for the phase of expiry of the useful lives of their products.

Exitcom is ready to share its expertise and experience with you at each point, including the designing and application of all kinds of processes related to waste.



Municipalities are responsible for ensuring that WEEEs are not processed together with other waste at domestic waste landfills. Thus, they must establish collection systems in order to reduce the quantity of WEEE disposed together with mixed domestic waste and to facilitate separate collection. Municipalities must also give support to manufacturers in their campaigns aimed at collecting WEEE and raising awareness among the public. Exitcom Reycling will use its know-how and experience gained in Europe to offer your municipality the best solution for awareness-raising and information campaigns and establishment of collection points.