Exitcom WEEE Recycling

Recycling Process

Recycling consists of a series of key activities ranging from the collection of waste to reporting. Safety and the protection of the environment and resources are the main priorities in the recycling process.

Collection Containers with a size determined according to the volume of your waste output are delivered to your company for the collection of electric and electronic waste separately. When a container is totally filled, it is replaced with an empty one.

Transportation Electronic waste is transported by drivers holding ADR (certificate for transportation of hazardous waste) in Exitcom's vehicles which are equipped with a GPS vehicle tracking system and accompanied by a license for transportation of hazardous waste.

Evaluation ve Seperation A part of waste which are separated according to their types are stored for being reused while those which cannot be recycled are separated for disposal. Remaining waste is stored for processing. .

Storage Until completion of recycling/destruction process, waste is stored in special containers in closed Exitcom plants equipped with cameras and an alarm system meeting high security standards.

Destruction Products which are slated for recycling after initial sorting and need to be destroyed are processed by specialized personnel or crushed so that they cannot be reused and reports containing videos showing recorded images of the destruction process are sent to customers.

Recycling All waste included in the recycling process are delivered to the manufacturing process in the form of raw materials by using special recycling processes depending on their types.

Reuse Researches have shown that 20% of all electronic devices manufactured can be reused. The reusability of waste should, therefore, be assessed in the first phase. Waste collected are carefully checked and those which can be reused will be processed and recycled subject to permission given by their owners and in accordance with the applicable laws.

Disposal A limited quantity of waste materials which cannot be recycled are disposed of in licensed facilities by using special methods and in accordance with applicable laws so that they do not pose a risk to human health and the environment.

Reporting Waste and activities at each phase of recycling are recorded and all reports and minutes which are required to be kept in accordance with applicable laws and regulations are drawn up and delivered to our business partners. In addition, Exitcom is able to report recycling and disposal rates after completion of the related processes at its facilities.